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About CCBI The Company

CCBI International Trade is an Export Management Company established in 1993, we represent a wide range of manufacturers from the US,

Europe and Other parts of the world, in our overseas marketing regions, The Middle East, North Africa (MENA), India and Pakistan.

CCBI years of experience in the field of sourcing, marketing and exporting needed products for overseas markets.

Our main Industries that we represent are the Hotel and Restaurant Equipment & accessories, Food Industry and Other Service and Logistic industries.

CCBi is a worldwide high performance sales and marketing source provider.


Our Unique culture attracts accomplished professional partners, and our combined efforts, allow us to perform at unparalleled level,

and seek out challenging opportunities and deliver the best of performance and optimum results.

We provide demonstrable marketing experience with a business focus.

We Help at all stages, and offer extra pairs of hands to get the job done, and generate the best results when required.

For years, our customers have looked to us to provide them with the products and services that make their business grow and prosper

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